About Us

Wimmers Factory Exterior
Wimmers Factory Interior

Noosa Beverages is a family owned and operated company that is proud to still call “Cooroy” home.  In a newly built headquarters on Lake Macdonald Drive, Noosa Beverages is now in a magnificent building that has used historical raw materials to build their warehouse. The Wimmers brand has been alive since 1910 and still remains to have the original secret recipes that were instilled originally. No expense is spared with gaining these ingredients that have always been a part of that unique taste that Wimmers deliver. A part of the Noosa Beverages family is the pristine Cooroy Mountain, that allows us to bottle untouched pure spring water from the source without any additives or chemicals. Through our expanding business we now have a Brisbane distribution centre that is located in the heart of Northgate. This allows us to distribute to our customers from North Queensland to Northern New South Wales. Our goal as a Queensland company is to supply Australia with the best quality beverages in the market. Australian owned, Australian proud.