Our Brands

Noosa Beverages is the company behind Queensland's iconic drink brand. Our Wimmers range has been a household favourite for over 100 years.

The refreshing Premium Noosa Natural family is a light and sparkling drink that is infused with fruits.

Our Cooroy Mountain Springwater brand is known for its naturally clean, fresh water- unlike any other water on the market.

The Noosa Natural family is pristine water that is bottled at the source that comes in a unique array of family friendly sizes. We are proud of our products and hope you are too!


Wimmers is known for its wide range of refreshing flavours. Our soft drinks have been in Australia’s fridges since 1910, making us one of the nation’s oldest manufacturers.

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Our premium range of spring water is pure, untouched water bottled at the source in the Noosa hinterland. Noosa Natural redefines the purity of bottled spring water, containing no Ozone or other added chemicals.

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A healthy refreshing alternative, Premium Noosa Natural is a lightly sparkling mineral water with a unique blend of REAL fruit juice. Enjoy the Premium Noosa Natural range on ice or as the perfect mixer for any cocktail creation.

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Cooroy Mountain Spring Water is bottled at-source on the Sunshine Coast. The water in each bottle is collected straight from the aquifers located at the base of Cooroy Mountain.

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